Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bullying Project 2015-2016

Driving Question:  How can we as Middle School students design an effective public campaign against bullying?

Video (need to submit separate page with citations)
Announcements  (need to submit separate page with citations)
Posters (need to submit separate page with citations)
Social Media Campaign  (need to submit separate page with citations)

The learner will:
* work in a cooperative group to write a script for a public service announcement using research from official Public Service Announcements and websites about  anti-bullying
* edit and revise his/her work for correct grammar and mechanics
* record his/her announcement or create, edit, and revise his/her film or poster
* publish created materials 

* Paper and Pencil
* Research Information
* Smartboard and computer(s)
* video equipment

Instructional Procedures:
Anticipatory Set:
Students will watch various, appropriate Public Service Announcements (PSAs) from these sites: http://adcouncil.org/ and http://www.cca-kids.ca/psas/index.html (Concerned Children's Advertisers). Discuss the various announcements: What were the announcements about? How did they grab your attention? How long did they last? What types of effects were used? Do you think you can change anyone's views about issues such as these? Tell the students that they will be writing and filming Public Service Announcements to attempt to influence others' ideas about their researched topics.

* On the Smartboard, model the script writing process. Think aloud about how you select ideas for the announcement. Write a story map for the script using the students' help.
* Preview the rubric with the students. Send them to work in their groups to plan and write a Public Service Announcement to communicate their research and influence the audience about their particular issue.
* Meet with each group as they work to help develop ideas as well as edit and revise.
* Students read through their scripts as a group. They should work on expression, fluency, and finding distinctive voices. 
* take small groups to quiet place to record their PSA.
* Meet with the groups as they work to help them develop, edit and revise their film.

Teacher will assess the PSAs using the following rubric:

Rubric for the Public Service Announcement (PSA) Point value Points earned

Research – Includes at least five facts about the issue 10 

Research – Includes at least five ways to address the issue 10 

Demonstrates understanding of the issue 10 

Correct use of 6th – 8th grade grammar and spelling 5

Addresses a specific, appropriate audience - 5

Cooperation within the group 10
Total Points 50

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